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21st century where luxury is becoming a necessity and to cope up with the trending world is become a basic necessity every human being thinks of making an extra pocket money. But how do one make money? Investment in shares and stock exchange?  Starting a side business? Or taking extra coaching classes! Well every option mentioned above will require some kind of sources maybe financial or time and energy resources.

So how do you make a quick buck without all of this? Surfing on internet about how to make  quick money, without any investment? Can’t find anything good?

Well there many such good ways to earn smart money. If you ever came across the online paid surveys website but didn’t  understand or could not make a good amount of money then “Take survey for cash “ is a website who teaches you of how to effectively and efficiently use. I was found this product on one of the site called reviewmyths, you can check it out from there.

The website assures the user to make a good amount of money without the pressure of working for several hours and the person can work from home.

Well let us know more about it. 


What does the website actually does?

The Take survey for cash website helps the person to learn some short cut tricks of earning a good amount of money via paid online survey websites. They assure the person to teach them new methods of earning money for livelihood without facing any difficulty or error.

Now if a person check’s out the website they will come across some unbelievable claims and survey’s they are offering to their members. Now these claims are so high that it becomes hard to believe them. So just to assure the viewer this website has uploaded a video which shows that the person earned his money from paid surveys online. The way he communicates to his viewers is quite convincing and every person gets convinced to pay their fees which is of 27 dollar so that they get a survey which pays of 120 dollar or so.

The owner of the website Jason White claims that he made around 2 lakh dollar via these online paid websites and that he can even earn 500 dollar a day. He mentioned in his video uploaded on his website that while making this money he learnt  some quick ways and now he wants to help people and not waste time like him and make as much as money as he makes.

But why is he charging fees from the people to teach them about how to make money?

Doubt? Anxious to know more about it?

Take survey for cash website is it fake or real?

Well, the big claims convincing website trying to portray to be realistic is not real but fake.

This is a scam which is trying to earn money from people’s pocket assuring them big amount and paid surveys and tricks to earn 500 dollar a day.

The Take survey for cash has smartly tricked people and aimed hard on Human psychology so that you get convinced to pay 27 dollar fees for earning a 500 dollar a day.

This membership fee will enable you to get access to the good paid survey’s online available on different websites. These websites will be listed by them on the Take survey for cash website.


List of things that prove the Take survey for cash website to be fake and not real

  1. If you just notice the listed paid survey’s the amount mentioned is quite big to digest. There is not even a single survey of 10 dollar and below. On the other hand if you surf online and try to find out online paid survey websites you will hardly find any website that pays above 10 dollar for a single survey!

       Isn’t it fishy at the very first stage? The website has forgotten to be realistic and has promised extra then required to their members.

  1. Just in case if the user try to even avoid the reason no1 and agrees to pay the fees and enter his email id and name but for some other reason he delays the payment, the website offer another rate as fee charge to the person, a comparatively lesser rate which can tempt the person to pay it and get hold of the membership.
  2. They even offer the viewer a paid online survey which will give him 50 dollars immediately. This offer can even more tempt the person as they are showing that how will a person recover the whole membership fees in the very first survey and that if he misses this opportunity before the timer goes off he won’t be getting the same offer again!
  3. The offer falls from 39 dollars to 27 dollars to 12 dollars minimum depending on how many times you try to back the page and go off the website. Now this is something really fishy? Are we really bargaining for a online paid website membership? Really?
  4. The website offers a 50 dollar bonus as your first for being the new member of the website , but did they tell you the actual real stuff? What if the bonus is not in the form of cash and it’s a voucher?  A half truth is a full lie. And what guarantee is that you get to enjoy your voucher benefits for the product you require to purchase?
  5. At the end the earning disclaimer of the website says that there is no such guarantee that the member of this website will earn any income from online paid surveys using their methods and tricks and techniques which they offer to their member who pays a 39 dollar fees or any fees up to 12 dollar.

Wrapping Up

The website itself proves that they are not guaranteeing any claims that they made at the beginning. They themselves contradict the things they have claimed.

This is quite self explanatory that the website is not real but fake.

I hope the review will be informative for you to not get trapped in the false claims made by the website.

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